Tobacco Smoke Purifier

The “Tobacco Smoke Purifier” it is designed for a Office and Home use, room about 10 mq

This products it is particular interesting for a people who smoke in the office or inside the House.

The “Tabacco Smoke Air Purifier” will protect you and all the people close and around you, will capture all the Cigarette Dusty around you and around your cigarette.

This Air Purifier will also reduce the smoke small in the air

The” Tabacco Smoke Purifier”  it is useful if you have children or woman around you in your house or in your office.

The Tabacco Smoke Purifier do not need to change the filter but gust you have to clean it under the tap water 2-3 times a week.

The Tabacco Smoke Purifier is less energy need and you can keep running in office all the day and home in a time you are smoking.



Price Starting From USD 40

Minimum order require

Delivery time from 30 days

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