Mont Blanc 9912

This Air Purifier is for Home- Office use, room of about 15 mq, using Hepa Filter 14 the most efficient way to protect you from Air Pollution. Manual panel

Properties of Air Purifier Hepa Filter 14 Model Mont Blanc 9912
1.    this air purifier is based on the , most modern technology and more effective to remove the polluting substances. 
2.    It is constituted by a High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter (HEPA) of level14 (maximum of HEPA scale ).
3.    This Air Car Air Purifier is able to remove from the air particles 99.997% even invisible particles up to 0.3 thousandth  of  millimetre , so this Air Purifier will remove 100% of PM2.5 air pollution and many more small pollutants.
4.    Using Our Air Purifier  Mont Blanc 9012 with Filter Hepa 14 you are sure all the Air Pollution 2.5 will be remove from your room.
5.    Doctors and experts of Ari Pollution recommend the HEPA 14 (or at least the HEPA13) that are also used in hospitals or to clean the air in hospitals operating rooms. Only with this appliance you are safe to remove  the fine powders (PM2.5) the average dust (PM10) the powders larger, and also remove the bacteria, some viruses, molds, pollen and substances that cause allergies or that carry infections and diseases. 
6.    This cleaner does not contain hazardous filters or that can create ozone (toxic gas) or compounds potentially toxic (as some ionizers, some lamps to the ultraviolet or other systems not suitable) 
7.    This cleaner contains a prefilter (that serves to take longer life the HEPA filter14), contains a charcoal filter to remove odours and some small molecules.
8.    You will remove 99.997% of the Air Pollution in room of mq 15 within 2 hours
9.    Our Air Purifier  consumes little power, and you have to keep it working in case of Air Index up to 50 .
10.    We are Doctors and we know the Air Pollution very well, we have Design this Air Purifier, very simple, very essential, there is not many electronic elements and many functions who many time are more dangerous than useful.
11.    We produce this machine simple but efficient to clear the air in your room  and  awe are not using filtration systems can be dangerous for you or your family.
12.    Our Air Purifier will clean the air efficiently and will use little power electricity as well it is easy to use
13.    This Air Purifier  was created to protect your health as long as possible, simple Air Purifier but 100% efficient to remove in your room the 2.5 PM
14.    This is the Best  Air Purifier in a  value for money in the Market .
15.    Remember to change the Hepa Filter 14 

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